Developing the Business Relationship between China and the US

Developing the Business Relationship between China and the US

Conflict, in any form, has never been good for business. Whenever there is violence, any form of rebellion or any act of terrorism usually companies and investors are scared off. No one can blame them because when such things happen there is the destruction of property and businesses are closed down due to areas being declared as unsafe. The same thing goes whenever there is a conflict between two countries.

When we talk about conflict it may not always mean war or armed aggression, instead, it could also mean two countries not being able to get into an agreement or having strained foreign relations. Whenever this happens it could also mean bad for business. If two countries have strained relations other countries who wish to penetrate the local market may have troubles or may simply be scared off due to the unstable nature of the environment.

The US and China could be considered as countries which have complicated foreign relations. Even if there is already an existing business and trade relations between both countries it may not yet have reached what both countries wish to. In terms of products, there is still a lot to be exchanged between both countries. Considering that there are a lot of companies from both the US and China showing interest in both markets there is definitely a lot to gain with the improvement of the relationship between both countries.

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There may be a lot of potential with the current change of administration of the US but it is all up to where the President of the US wishes to focus whether local matters or further extend international relations. And if foreign relations are a priority just up to what extent is the US willing to go in order to improve its current business relations with China.

In the current situation of the US and China, both countries have somehow expressed interest in further improving business relations between both countries. After all, there is a lot to gain for both sides. However, there are still a lot of issues to be resolved and if the US wants to improve business relations with China it has to somehow how more support in issues such as the issue of Nanjing Massacre between Japan and China.

It may be better for the US to not choose sides in order to avoid backlash from either side but when it comes to other issues the US has to avoid making actions that would upset the leaders of China. Issues such as the president of the US talking to the president of Taiwan which upset some leaders of China also have to be avoided if both countries want to further develop business relations. The same goes for China when it comes to threatening allies of the US.

We already know that there is a lot to gain in improving even further the relationship between the US and China. Companies from both countries could gain a lot and the relationship could do a lot for the economies of both countries. The question here is not what could be gained but rather just how much both countries are willing to compromise in order to get the benefits of building foreign relations between both countries even more.

Chinese companies have already shown a lot of interest in US-based companies to the point that a lot of these companies are already being bought by the Chinese. A lot of these companies were already on the brink of closing down only to be saved by being purchased by Chinese companies which have a lot of capital. These are some of the things to be considered in building the relationship between both countries and again the question is up to what extent both countries are willing to go in order to build good business relations.


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