Fuel Inclusion in the Workplace

Fuel Inclusion in the Workplace

Oftentimes, when you are a small business like the reputation management agency, you rarely have any issues when it comes to inclusion in the workplace since your team is so small. When you start growing and recruiting more individuals to join your workplace, this is when it may be important to know how to fuel inclusion in the workplace. If you are lucky enough to achieve a diverse team, you will be able to handle how to use inclusive programs and policies in the work place but, this can be more difficult.

Empower your people

It is important to have awareness and that’s why most managers must have a good emotional intelligence score so they can have an awareness of people’s issues instead of only knowing your person issues. Being aware of those around you and not just yourself is important for company leaders.

Make some room

Making room for diversity can mean hiring people who haven’t been working for a while or hiring someone who has lots of work experience or even hiring someone who have no experience but just finished school. It makes everyone come together since they are all from different walks of life and can help one another grow in certain areas.


Don’t ever get offended if someone calls you out for a lack of inclusion, take a moment to process before responding to this.

Avoid diversity for diversity’s sake

Research has shown time and again this is what’s good for business, diversity. If you have a diverse workforce, everyone comes from different backgrounds therefore everyone has different values, opinions and beliefs.

Be authentic

It is important to think of the motives of why you want to foster diversity at your business and let your employees inspire actions to take toward inclusivity. You should start making small changes that create a movement in the organization.

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