Growing Pains of My Small Startup Company

Growing Pains of My Small Startup Company

Right out of college two of my buddies and I all got recruited by the same medical billing company to be project managers. It involved a ton of traveling, but it was so great to be able to share expenses and have friends with me, because we had to move to the middle of Wisconsin. We are all Miami born and bred and were coming to this venture via Georgia Tech in Atlanta. So, needless to say there were some cultural adjustments to be made from city boys to country life, where going to the store is a 20 minute ride.

Anyway, we got settled in well enough, ran the gauntlet of their grueling 5 month training course, and were all assigned our first clients. Although it was great having my friends with me, at least on the weekends when we weren’t on site all across the country, the grueling schedule started to get to me. One of my friend’s, Avi, developed an ulcer and the other, Marcelo, lost his girlfriend of five years, mainly due to his insane schedule.

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We started talking, joking at first, about how with our technical education and practical experience project managing, we could start our own consulting firm. Avi was also working through an MBA at the time – the man is a machine – and decided to put together a business plan based on our conversations, since he could use it for one of his courses. (That business plan and charter are still in our corporate branding documentation.)

The following year, we said good bye to Wisconsin’s cow and country lifestyle and moved back to Miami. Sad to say, we all moved back in with our parents until we got our first client, a large homebuilder that wanted help with tracking and accountability. They had all kinds of technical software to develop applications, but no consistent management scheduling software.

Our jobs were mainly to find out what was available on the market and make recommendations to senior management as to which products met the requirements most closely, then rank them based on a number of criteria. Senior management was impressed with our white paper and gave the project the green light to move forward to the next phase. The client put together a steering committee and began an internal review process to vet out the top three management scheduling software packages we recommended. We got that job because Avi’s mom works in their IT department and was on the selection committee, and because Avi can talk one heck of a game! However, we got the next contract from them based on our own performance. That made us feel very legit.

So, we are putting together proposals for two other clients that we were recommended to and finishing up our last project at the homebuilder. Life does not suck.

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