Positive Action with Timber Treatment Specialists

Positive Action with Timber Treatment Specialists

What is wet rot?

Wet rot is also known as cellar fungus. There are several species which come under this umbrella term. The Latin name is Coniophora puteana.

Winter is an optimum time for wet rot to take hold and so as spring progresses please don’t neglect areas which may have had less ventilation than in warmer months because they might be harbouring an issue.

If the property has suffered from the effects of inclement weather or plumbing problems which caused a sharp increase in the moisture levels, then wet rot is a high risk.

Dry rot and wet rot can look similar so expert advice is necessary to correctly diagnose the timber problem and to take positive timber preservation action.

If you discover timber that’s spongy, musty smelling and presenting black-brown veined fungi with a white-cream edging, this is a probable case of wet rot.

Spores bore in to the wood and fruit in a continual process.

Can I leave wet rot untreated?

Left unchecked, the fungi will spread.  Wet rot won’t vanish, primarily because the timber is its food source. Spore by spore it eats away at the timber’s cellulose leaving it weakened and, in extreme or long term ignored cases, leads to structural issues.

The longer that wet rot treatment is postponed the more serious and costly the potential consequences become.

Are DIY treatments effective?

If timber treatment specialists were unnecessary and DIY treatments were effective, then no professionals would be trading.

A quick check online or in the telephone directory confirms that there’s a plethora of national and regional firms who are wet rot treatment experts. This proves they are vital for the control and treatment of wet rot.

Don’t take chances, try cheap and cheerful or less effective solutions. Trust the qualified professionals.

What happens when I call timber treatment specialists?

Qualified and experienced timber treatment specialists will visit the site and carry out a comprehensive survey. This visit may last longer than you’d like. The thorough survey isn’t designed to scare clients or to increase the bill, it is to ensure that every area at risk is inspected so that the right timber preservation and wet rot treatments can be employed.

Timber treatment specialists often stipulate that:

  1. The cause of increased moisture must be treated. e.g. Better ventilation, roof repairs, new installation of piping or drainage tools. Timber preservation work is worthless when the wet rot contributory factors remain.
  2. When the area has dried out, either the damaged timber is removed to a sound level and replaced. Timber preservation work stops further outbreaks.
  3. Or if it’s a large issue the timber is completely removed and replaced with treated timber.

What indicates a leading timber treatment specialist?

Take Thames Valley Timber Treatment as an example, this firm has been in operation for over twenty-five years. Wet rot treatments and timber preservation are their life’s work. They enjoy a partnership with Sovereign Chemicals and offer thirty year guarantees on their work.

Client reviews are pleasing.

Procrastination won’t help, timber treatment specialists do.

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