Santamedical launched SM-1100 Pulse Oximeter with OLED display and Multi color

The Fingertip Pulse Oximeter belonging to the Generation 2 series by Santamedical is an affordable device that helps people to check their levels of oxygen saturation and pulse rates level in an accurate fashion. It is offered with a stunning one button design and has a finger clamp with self adjusting features to facilitate quick and convenient operation. This small sized oximeter has a portable design that help the users carry and handle it while travelling. It is an excellent choice for the pilots and athletes to take accurate and quick oxygen saturation readings.

Top features of SM-1100 Pulse Oximeter

The Fingertip Pulse Oximeter offered by Gurin products LLC is offered with a wide range of exceptional features, which make them an apt choice for medical user.

  1. The Pulse Oximeter has a super bright O LED display with digital units.
  2. It is ideal for continuous monitoring with a single set of batteries to operate to more than 30 hours.
  3. This appliance features a well integrated SpO2 probe, bar, pulse rate, SpO2 and processing display module.
  4. It comes with an indicator for low battery level.
  5. The Oximeter by Santamedical has auto power off feature.
  6. It is designed to consume very less power and requires two AAA batteries.
  7. It is offered with a wrist strap or hanging neck to use it easily even while on the move.
  8. The Oxygen Saturation Monitor is an ideal choice to perform spot checks of the blood oxygen saturation levels and pulse rates at your convenience, without leaving the comfort of your home.
  9. It is also ideal for sports as well as recreational purposes.
  10. This Gurin product is an excellent choice for people indulging in several activities, such as running, mountain climbing and activities of high altitude.
  11. The Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is ideal for use in Aviation and sports sector only.
  12. It has 100% money back guarantee.


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