Tips for Switching Over to a Digital Menu Board

Tips for Switching Over to a Digital Menu Board

Your restaurant can easily use a digital menu board to create a modern and vibrant appeal. Gone are the days when most restaurants, cafes and diners used poster boards to display their available dishes and prices. Now, you can have an easy-to-view television menu board that is inexpensive to run and has numerous benefits to your business. As a business owner, you want to do everything you can to constantly expand your company and do what’s best for it. Integrating a digital menu board not only improves the efficiency of your restaurant, but it increases the value of your company, too.

Information on Digital Menu Boards

A digital menu board is different from a poster board because everything on your menu is displayed on a large television screen. You’ll need to have a smart television to integrate a software program onto it. You will then be able to edit and alter your menu board at any time using the software program on your computer. This prevents you from spending a lot of money having a new poster board menu made up or having to erase an entire menu and start over.

Getting One Installed

To include a digital menu board into your restaurant, you’ll first want to visit to get some ideas on software programs. Next, you’ll need to purchase a large smart television that has software capabilities. Once you have the software program and the television, you’ll need to hire a handyman to mount the television for you. While you can try to do the installation yourself, it is downright dangerous if you mount the television incorrectly and it falls on workers or customers.

Keep in mind that you cannot use just any television that you find for sale. The smart television is specifically designed to link to your mobile devices and computers, which helps when you’re trying to run a software program on the screen.

Pros and Cons of These Boards

The main benefit to adding a digital menu board to your restaurant is that you’re modernizing your place of business and making it easier for people to see your available dishes. You’ve probably seen these boards being used in some of the most popular fast food chains around the country, like McDonald’s and Burger King. Because the board can be edited at virtually any time, you’re able to change prices overnight and add new dishes without having to make it a huge project. The screen can also be customized with your logo, colors and any other information you’d like to include that goes back to the name and quality of your eatery.

One of the disadvantages to using a digital menu board in your restaurant is that it costs money to both initially setup and run. You’ll be using the same amount of electricity to run the television board as you would with any other appliance. The initial cost to buy the products and install everything can also be quite hefty and you’ll need to make room in your budget in order to make this new project a reality.

What to Expect

You can expect the digital menu board to attract customers and be easier on the eyes than, say, a chalkboard sign. You should also expect to pay a decent amount of money to purchase the smart television that will be used. Most smart televisions go for a few thousand dollars, if you’re lucky, so you need to incorporate this into your proposed budget before jumping the gun and starting to get the work done.


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